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Eagle population continues to grow
December 21, 2016

The bald eagle population in Jackson County and in Wisconsin continues to grow.

The 2016 Wisconsin Bald Eagle survey shows there were six occupied eagle nests in Jackson County this past year, up from four in 2015. 

Statewide there were 1,504 occupied nests, up from the 2015 aerial surveys that showed there are 1,465 occupied bald eagle nests in Wisconsin, 121 more than in 2013. Eagles will return to the same territory every year and can live up to 25 years. Their nests are protected by federal law and the DNR will make recommendations to assure their protection. It's the 44th consecutive year of the survey. The lowpoint was in 1974 when there were only 107 active nests in the state. This was only two years after the U.S.. Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of the pesticide DDT, which thinned eggshells of eagles.

The site of a soaring eagle stirs the heart of residents and tourists alike. 

The survey also counts osprey nests. Of the 558 in the state, three are in Jackson County. 

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